Why OrderPat?

Time is money ... and happy customers

Besides the quality of your food and beverages, a fast and efficient service is the main key to your business´s success.

Of course OrderPat is not about replacing the friendly relationship between your staff and customers. However, our clients´ experience has shown that even a well organized staff reaches a limit when the guestroom is packed. This is where OrderPat kicks in by supporting your employees and helping to raise your revenue significantly.

Another round guys?

Sometimes it only takes a side order left behind or an empty bread basket to spark the unrest of your visitors. Instead of desperately trying to get the waitress´s attention, customers can conveniently draw their phones. Spare them the frustration and don´t have your staff run an extra mile when there is absolutely no time to waste. OrderPat will minimize the number of orders that slip, especially if you have outside tables or side accomodations. Never lose another order!

Multiple application fields

OrderPat not only works for Restaurants and Bars. It will also improve your Hotel´s room service tremendously. Your guest´s demands are forwarded to your desk unmistakably and lucidly, with absolutely no ambigous phone calls. Let your staff benefit from the fact, that OrderPat will automatically adapt to your customer´s native tounge. ´Lost in translation´ is a phrase now effectively outdated!

You intend to cater the participants of your convention, presentation, and hospitality-events without your staff interfering with the agenda? No big deal, OrderPat will adjust to your requirements and the needs of your customers.

Viral advertisement

OrderPat displays vital Information about your business to potential customers and navigates them directly towards you, using the implemented map. Take advantage of this advertising effect and lure our users directly towards your venue!

By the way: Combining the operating systems iOS and Android we get through to 85% of all smartphone users around the globe (source: forbes.com, as of August 2012).